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High-net-worth and sophisticated investors, who are perhaps more familiar with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), should give serious consideration to expanding their portfolio to include SEIS eligible startups.

The purpose of the SEIS is to help small and early stage companies get access to equity finance. Companies in this category commonly suffer from what is referred to as the “equity gap”. This gap is faced by companies seeking a few tens of thousands of pounds up to around £2m and exists because most venture capital funds prefer to invest larger amounts of investment because of the transaction costs of reviewing suitable investments, such as carrying out due diligence, and the perceived higher risk of smaller businesses.

Recognising the importance of small and early stage businesses to the economic recovery in the UK, the Government introduced the SEIS in the tax year 2012/13 to help ease this equity gap. The SEIS offers attractive tax reliefs for the investor, with the cost of and risk associated with investing in early stage businesses reduced.

4oceans works with businesses in the high growth TMT sector and a number of them are eligible for SEIS.   Our aim is to reduce the risk of investment even further by providing a basic due diligence and advance assurance application.  We also provide interim management and NED services should they be required by the business or the investor.

More information on the SEIS initiative can be found at SEIS Window or to contact us click here.

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