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The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, also known as SEIS, aims to encourage investment in small and early stage companies by reducing the risk to investors of investing in these types of companies.

The Government introduced the SEIS as a way to promote new enterprise and boost economic growth in the UK and the short video below explains some of the benefits of SEIS Funding for Investors and Entrepreneurs.

As you can see SEIS Funding offers significant tax breaks to investors for investing into small start-up businesses. For taking a risk, they can effectively buy shares half-price and can additionally offset capital gains against the cost of an SEIS Investment. It means higher potential returns, vital capital for businesses and a growing UK economy.

For entrepreneurs seeking an investment of up to £150,000, SEIS Funding is a very cost effective way to complete a successful fundraising.

How you can benefit

If you are a new investor or an experienced investor, 4 Oceans can show you how you can benefit financially from making SEIS investments.

If you are an entrepreneur or small company owner, 4 Oceans can help you to raise money for your company by completing your application for SEIS Funding and accessing SEIS investors.

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