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Whether you are a large established business, a family business or a start up business having an independent Non Executive Director may help you to achieve your business goals more quickly and with less internal wrangling.

Non executive directors (NEDs) are more important than ever for bringing in fresh, unbiased guidance to companies or organisations of all sizes.   Our NED Service is aimed at SMEs requiring strategic input on sales and marketing or finance matters at Board level to strengthen or balance the structure of the Board, facilitate development and growth or implement change or strategy.

A non executive director brings independence and commercial focus to the role and, unlike a ‘consultant’, is more committed to the health and welfare of the company since he is legally obliged to the shareholders of the company and is normally appointed for a fixed term in excess of a year.

4oceans offer this service through a flexible contract that meets the needs of your business while ensuring that we adhere to the obligations and duties that are required of a Non Executive Director.


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