Supporting a New wave of TMT Entrepreneurs

4 Oceans Capital was established to support the new wave of Entrepreneurs in the Technology Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Sector.

At 4 Oceans we limit the number of investee companies we work with, compared to our competitors, allowing us to devote greater resource and time to the success of the investee company, rather than a short-term view of maximising returns.   This hands-on approach also ensures each portfolio company has the advice and support needed to successfully navigate the pitfalls every start-up and growth enterprise typically faces.

The founder, David Yates, is a former Entrepreneur having established and “exited” from a number of different ventures in the TMT space, including a Virtual Network Operator, a Facilities Management organisation and a SaaS company operating in the Travel technology arena in Asia, primarily China.

Following his exit from the SaaS company David advised several Private Equity and Venture Capital funds who used his Growth company experience as well as his specific China experience to seek out investment opportunities on the mainland.  As a result David established a successful advisory career in China providing transaction support services to Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds as well as Corporate Finance advice to Chinese growth companies hoping to attract foreign capital.

After almost 10 years living and working in China and successful involvement in deals with an aggregate value of around $1Bn, David decided  to return to the UK to slow down a little.   However, after just a few months he was engaged to turnaround an ailing Telecoms business in the UK.  Just over 12 months later the business was sold netting a return of nearly 2000% to the investors.

Now David, along with a select number of experienced professionals, bring sector-focused SME business experience, rather than a background of just traditional corporate finance or investment management, to our engagements. And whilst our engagements are always in the best interests of our investors, our focus rests primarily on helping investee companies gain access to the necessary capital they require to grow, whilst making introductions to other companies within our own network of professional and industry contacts.

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